About us

Bul Sof Tech ltd is a private company specializing in IT technologies, power supply, automation and control of the technological processes in industrial, electrical power and water sector. We have significant experience in building various industrial sites ferrous  metallurgy, mining, textiles, energy, engineering, wood processing, wastewater and clean water pumping stations and others.


Over the years, the Company has been developing in three main areas: IT technologies, Automation and Engineering.

IT technologies:

  • fiber optic networks
  • construction server panels
  • server station
  • construction of industrial communication networks systems – Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, optical routes


Design and construction of electric control systems of machines and equipment:

  • design solutions
  • schematic diagrams
  • software of industrial controllers
  • building installation
  • commissioning and tuning
  • operational documentation

For design and preparation of documentation company uses specialized licensed software.


Design and construction of electrical installations, commissioning and tuning of complex projects in the industry:

  • analysis and production of conceptual design
  • installation, commissioning of objects, software
  • preparation of operational documentation
  • construction of power plants
  • installation of MV and LV switchgears
  • installation of automation equipment
  • construction of lighting and earthing systems
  • introduction of objects into operation
  • maintenance, repair and reconstruction of cranes and ect.


The company has successfully carried out the following projects:

Remote control and monitoring of treatment plants for waste and drinking water

Merger of pumping stations inTO a system for monitoring and management

SCADA systems for remote management and visualization for underground mines

Energy efficiency and monitoring systems for photovoltaic power plants

Fully automated and robotic production lines and processes in the food processing industry

Automatic start of reserve in medium and low voltage with program logic controllers

After sales service and upgrade systems






Bul Sof Tech Ltd.
Address: 56 Alabin St
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 958 1467 
Email: info@bulsoftech@com